What to bring to your dress shopping appointment

1.     Bra


Bring a strapless bra or one that has clear straps.  If you have neither wear a good supporting bra. 

2.     Underwear

Keep it plain and simple.  Choose a light color that will not easily be seen

3.     Shapeware

This is good for all shapes and sizes.  It not only gives an all-over smoothing effect, but helps with getting the gowns on and off.

These items will make a big difference in how the dress fits, looks and feels.

4.     Shoes

Bring a pair with the size heel you plan on wearing.

5.     Hair tie

You will want to see the entire gown including the neckline and the back

6.     Make up

Wear as little as possible.  Just enough to make you feel pretty.  Do not wear lipstick and DO NOT use self-tanning lotion several days before the appointment.

7.     Special items

Bring any item you plan to include in you look for that day.

8.     Pictures

Bring any pictures of the gowns you are interested in for the consultant to help you in choosing the gowns to try on.

9.     Water and snack

Pack a couple of snacks and some water to hold you over between appointments.